Ready to join and take the next steps in committing to your orthopedic health?

We are offering annual subscriptions at $99 a year, and monthly subscriptions at $11.99 per month. We believe that this platform offers tremendous value for the investment, and we look forward to hearing how the episodes help positively influence our clients.


Redefine at Home is an online subscription based platform consisting of video based episodes focusing on muscle flexibility, joint mobility, functional movement, and functional stability. My goal with Redefine at Home is to make each episode targeted at a theme that is meaningful for functional movement, while providing high quality instruction throughout the episode to ensure that participants are maximizing the efficacy of each exercise and affecting the correct body regions.

The episodes are in “real time,” meaning that I physically do each set and repetition during the video as subscribers follow along. Each episode is themed to address common orthopedic issues (For example: Flexibility After Prolonged Sitting). Each episode has show notes, meant to be read prior to starting the video. These show notes describe the purpose and goals of the episode, describe the body regions we will be addressing, and use picture and written support to ensure that you are addressing the correct muscle groups or joint during each exercise.

My commitment is to post new content each week and to provide a variety of videos in regards to body regions targeted, duration of the video, and level of intensity. The platform is a fantastic option for current clients looking to improve their diligence with home exercises, while also receiving a higher quality means of home instruction than we provide now. Redefine at Home also allows me to better serve my clients who don’t live in San Diego by providing higher quality home exercise instruction and a more focused means of communication between visits. Additionally, this platform provides the opportunity to influence a broader population, as any member can access the site regardless of where they live.  Please reach out to us if you have any questions or would like to make a request for a video.

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