Redefine Health and Fitness was created by Carla Pryor and Matt Garrett. Post hip surgery in 2015, Matt was discharged from traditional physical therapy prior to achieving his functional goals. Looking for guidance on how to resume his active lifestyle and identify the biomechanical errors contributing to his hip injury, a mutual friend recommended Carla to help. After a few meetings, it became apparent that many others in the community may also be struggling with a similar phase in their healing, and the idea for Redefine Health and Fitness was created. The vision of the company is to provide high quality fitness and performance based training by the true experts in movement, physical therapists. The company serves a client population who have recovered from the acute phase of injury, but are still not ready for full level activity and are in a limbo phase in their healthcare. Similarly, the company serves a client base struggling with chronic or recurrent injuries by providing answers to the root cause of their movement based dysfunction, and treating it with appropriate phase based movement training.


Redefine Health and Fitness officially opened January 2016. After a few months of serving small subset of clients in North County San Diego, the company has quickly grown to our current team providing care throughout San Diego County. Our program begins with an evaluation process consisting of a postural evaluation, gait evaluation, functional movement screen, range of motion and muscle length testing throughout each joint, and a functional strength evaluation. Post evaluation, we provide a written report of our findings, with answers to why a client is experiencing injury or a plateau in their athletic goals. The client is placed in a level of our phase based functional training model (incorporating cardiovascular exercise, joint mobility, muscle flexibility, and functional strength), with a clear individualized plan to achieving their goals. Our sessions are 90 min and performed entirely by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Our therapists have additional training in functional movement and truly understand their relationship of how various regions of the body affect each other. Outside of sessions, we provide daily exercise plans and clients have access to communicate with their provider with questions between visits. Our client’s athletic goals range from recreational to professional athletes.


Redefine Health and Fitness opened January 2016. We have been fortunate to have quick success, expanding our staff and locations where we provide service each year. At the end of 2018, I began to feel like my time was rapidly depleting in regards to:

1)     Time I could spend outside of sessions with clients developing home exercise programs, reviewing exercises, and providing guidance between visits.

2)     Time I could spend traveling. It is only possible for me to be in one place at a time, and with clients all over the country, most of my week was being spent in transit to clients.

3)     Time I could spend onboarding new clients. With the above two factors, it just wasn’t realistic for me to continue to build my client book.

 I became a physical therapist to help people move and live better lives. Saying “no” to potential clients and not maximizing my efficacy with current clients was not a good feeling. My goal is to make a positive impact on as many people as I’m able to, hence the idea for Redefine at Home was created.

Areas Serving in San Diego: Carlsbad, Carmel Valley, Del Mar, Encinitas, La Jolla, Point Loma, Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego, Solana Beach

Outside of San Diego serving: Los Angeles, San Francisco and South Bay.

For other regions please inquire.


PHONE  (760) 805-0681

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