Apple Watch Series 3: Worth It?

What’s so special about this smart watch, and how can it be better used to redefine your health and fitness? I purchased my watch with the cellular option a little over one month ago, and these are just some of my favorite features that help me feel more effective and efficient not only in my personal workout routines, but in my job helping others achieve their health and
fitness goals.

1) Phone calls and texts - My cellular network is synced with my watch, and it allows me to stay connected and in touch with important people in my life, even while I am squeezing in a workout on land or in water. I love the idea of being able to reach family, friends, and clients without having to carry my phone with me. But of course, the yogi in me does not like to be distracted during my practice, so I always slide my watch on “do not disturb” before I step on my mat.
2) Activity rings - Apple’s version of their fitness tracker allows me to visualize my activeness with three rings - move, exercise, and stand - which are all customizable to meeting my fitness goals and standards on a daily basis. It holds me accountable for these short term fitness goals, which end up making me feel accomplished at the end of the day. They even go as far as congratulating me with fireworks when I “close a ring” or all three rings! I am able to track all of this on my phone as well to get the bigger picture of my fitness progress, which motivates me to keep it up throughout my week.
3) Waterproof workout tracker - If I open up one of the workouts I like to do, my watch will track my heart rate range, calories burned, and time that I spent doing that workout. And say I did that workout in the pool doing laps or out in the open sea for a surf session- this watch will vibrate/pulse to get excess water out once I am done!
4) Seconds/timer - My personal favorite as a physical therapist. I get to focus on my client’s body, form and alignment rather than figuring out what number exercise they are on. It counts down for me, as well as offer a tabata option where I don’t have to keep track using a silly stopwatch. The watch automatically tells me when to switch exercises according to the time I’ve allotted.

So is this watch worth it? In short, my answer is yes. At Redefine Health and Fitness, accountability for your health matters. If you have a hard time making or keeping realistic fitness goals, this watch could help, giving you frequent reminders and encouraging alerts to keep your body moving (especially when a therapist or trainer isn’t there to tell you what to do).

Written by: Brittney Ellers PT, DPT, RYT